A New Fabric in DeFi

Build, tokenize and trade onchain derivatives powered by the liquidity of leading Decentralized Protocols.



Seamless user experiences, single-click leveraged assets, hedge, delta-neutral strategies and more. What can you build if liquidity is not an issue?

Optimized for greater experience

Designed to ensure that applications built on Lekker are not just powerful, but also intuitive and seamless for users.

From streamlined interfaces to efficient atomic transactions, every detail is honed to provide an unparalleled developer and user experience in DeFi trading and strategy building.


Lekker aggregates liquidity across DeFi with a modular architecture able to integrate new protocols, public and private blockchains. Build new derivatives fully backed by DeFi, Real World Assets or both.

Endless possibilities

Whether you're building sophisticated trading interfaces, innovative hedging strategies, or anything in between, Lekker enables access to unmatched liquidity and lower fees.